StoreNow‚ĄĘ Storage Service

Audio Storage
Not every recorded statement needs to be transcribed. After you access the digital recording system, you have the opportunity to input the appropriate work type alerting Datascribe to your desire to store but not transcribe the recording. Recorded on mirrored hard-drives, your telephonic digital recording is safe and secure and is accessible for up to six months after the date of the recording.

Audio Archiving
After a period of six months recordings are archived and stored on portable media both on and off premises.

Audio Retrieval for Transcription
Requesting digital transcription of a previously stored/archived recording is easy. All that is required is the name of the individual who made the recording, the date the recording was made and the claim or subject number inputted into our system. We will locate and release the requested recording for digital transcription. If the request was e-mailed to Datascribe you will receive an e-mail acknowledgement in return.

Document Storage, Archiving and Retrieval
At our client’s request, documents are stored and archived at no charge. Retrieving and providing a copy of a document is easy and free.

Datascribe StoreNow Benefits:

  • The ultimate flexibility in storage, file management and costicontrol
  • Fast and easy access to any stored file for any reason
  • No need for digital transcription of every recording; complete flexibility to store or not store
  • Conversion to portable digital media
  • Users can access their own recordings 24/7