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Our insurance claims recording service provides flexibility in capturing audio recordings anywhere at any time with our 24/7/365 toll-free telephonic recording service.  We also support secure audio uploads and FTP transmission.  

Expect fast and accurate transcription. Our staff is 100% United States based. We offer competitively priced insurance transcription services of recorded statements and dictation exclusively for the insurance marketplace.

With our insurance claims audio storage services, you can have confidence knowing your important audio files will be fully protected, centrally stored and easily retrieved from one of the most secure data facilities in the United States.

With our insurance translation company, you can rely on our highly trained multilingual staff to deliver fast and accurate translation and transcription of foreign language recordings and documents to or from English.

Why Datascribe?

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Many transcription companies provide clients with generic services to appeal to as many different industries as possible, leaving them with average results.  However, that’s not the case for our nationally-acclaimed insurance transcription company.  Datascribe works exclusively in the insurance sector, meaning that you can expect expertise when it comes to our services.  Our insurance transcription experts have more than 30 years of experience, working exclusively in the insurance industry, resulting in services that you can trust for quality and timeliness.

Insurance claims can be complex, and accuracy is critical.  From property & casualty insurance claims for automobiles and damaged properties to workers’ compensation claims for job-related injuries, transcription accuracy in a recorded statement can make or break a claim.  Our insurance transcription company understands the importance of accuracy and can provide you with reliable and timely insurance transcription services to support your claims handling process.

At Datascribe, our insurance claim transcription company offers customizable service plans for P&C, auto and worker’s compensation lines of insurance.  You can depend on our team of insurance transcription professionals to provide you with accurate and timely insurance transcription services.


Property & Casualty


Worker's Compensation

The mission of our insurance transcription company is to serve you with customized solutions for the recording, transcription, translation and storage of your recorded claims statements and dictation, enhancing productivity, reducing costs, and increasing profitability of your business.

Our clients include insurance carriers of all sizes, independent adjusters, third-party administrators and self-insureds. With our expertise, you can confidently outsource your Workers Compensation, Automobile, and Property & Casualty Insurance Claims.

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When you partner with our insurance transcription company, you’ll discover what thousands of satisfied clients already know — Datascribe’s suite of proprietary insurance transcription services increases productivity and profitability, eliminates the need for in-house staffing and equipment investment, and improves staff efficiency during the claims process.  Whether your company requires assistance with workers compensation, automobile or property and casualty insurance claims, every insurance claims professional can always expect excellence from us.

If you’re interested in learning more about our insurance transcription services, contact us today and schedule a free trial to experience our nationally-acclaimed services firsthand.