Each day, hundreds of claim-related voice recordings flow into our servers.   We offer a choice of upload options and then give you complete control in managing your recordings.

Option 1.  Establish a telephonic recording account with us.  We provide you with an 800 number and simple-to-follow instructions to access our always-on, always-ready phone recording system. 

Option 2.  Securely upload your recordings to us.   Through our client web portal, or via credentialed SFTP, we accept digital audio file uploads.  Recordings may be in any of the common formats, such as wav, mp3 or dss.  If you have questions about whether your file format is supported, please give us a call. 

Option 3.  We download your recordings from your dedicated repository.  As an example, membership on MS Teams is a common method for downloading recordings and uploading of transcripts.


Regardless of the option you choose, you will be provided with a web portal user account. Our feature-rich secure online platform allows access to all of your recordings for downloading, listening, or ordering transcription – all “on-demand” and with complete ease.

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