RecordNow™ Recorded Statement Transcription Service

Datascribe RecordNow™ offers the ultimate flexibility in telephonic digital recording for recorded statement transcription services because it utilizes several methods of capturing audio as a recorded claim statement and recognizes that clients prefer the flexibility of choosing whether to transcribe certain recorded claim statements or not. It is our experience that insurance companies and TPA’s have varying motives associated with the decision to do insurance transcription. We leave the decision making in your hands. Dictation and on-site claim interviews are often recorded on audiocassettes or hand-held digital recorders and adjusters need a way to securely transfer those recordings to a secure storage repository for eventual transcription.

Recorded statement transcription services from Datascribe give you complete control in capturing and storing recorded claim statements, adjuster reports and general dictation. Understanding the unique nature and value of these recordings, Datascribe offers you several options to record or transfer your recordings, play them back, or transcribe – all “on demand” and with complete ease.

Recorded Claim Statements or Multi-Party Conversations: Dial into our state-of-the-art digital recording system. With a three-way telephone conference call, we can record your claim statements over phone. The process is easy.

  • Call the interviewee;
  • Call and log on to Datascribe
  • Conference in all 3 parties and take the statement

When you’re done, just hang up, that’s all there is to it. Datascribe will then process the recording according to directions established during log-in. When logging in, you can choose to either transcribe the recording and/or store it with us with or without transcription. If storage is chosen, the digital audio file will be stored both on and off premises. And, in full compliance with HIPAA requirements, each step in the process is private, secure and confidential. The same methods are employed for any multi-party recording. The number of participants is unlimited.

Adjuster Reports or General Dictation: Dial in, log on and utilize the telephone keypad as you would a Dictaphone or Lanier device; each number on the telephone keypad can be set up to correspond to those systems’ equivalents of pause, rewind, record, etc.

Client Upload to FTP: Datascribe accepts digitally recorded work uploaded to its secure FTP repository. Audio recordings may be in any of the familiar formats, such as wav, mp3 or dss. If you have questions as to whether your file format is supported, please give us a call.

Analog Tapes by mail or overnight carrier: Send us your tapes and we’ll digitize them. The same day we receive your tape our staff will digitize the recording, place it into our production queue and begin transcribing it. We can also arrange to archive the new digital recording. The tape will be returned to you.

Datascribe users can listen over the telephone to any of their recordings. Toll-free, 24/7 access, it’s a valuable tool in performance review or determining whether a stored recording should be transcribed. Coming soon: online web access of recordings for listening and/or downloading.

Datascribe RecordNow Benefits:

  • Reliable, never-busy, state-of-the-art telephonic digitalirecording
  • Record anytime, 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Record multi-party conversations or single-user dictation
  • Upload recordings to secure FTP repository
  • Upload recordings in a variety of audio formats
  • No equipment investment, repairs or upgrades
  • No staff investment or downtime, minimal training
  • Scalable to accommodate any work volume
  • Keypad controls similar to Dictaphone or Lanier dictationisystems
  • Flexible workflow options: options to store only, transcribe only, or transcribe and store
  • Users can access and listen to their recordings
  • Convert to portable digital media
  • Monthly activity reports track usage
  • Live customer support