For carriers, TPAs and adjusters engaged in recording claim statements, having the ability to keep your recordings organized, protected and easily retrieved is essential. 

While not all claims end up in subrogation or being litigated, those that do can take time to commence, and once begun can take many years to resolve. The recorded statement, therefore, can become a key piece of evidence which must be preserved, its chain of custody protected and, when called for, be readily available to hand over as evidence in a court proceeding, oftentimes requiring its transcription as well.

Outsourcing such a task to a third-party vendor requires that your vendor have the expertise to safeguard your recordings in the event they are needed in the future. Our ability and experience to accommodate, organize, store and protect large volumes of recorded claims statements, while also being able to transcribe them when called upon to do so, uniquely qualifies as the vendor you can trust for this critical activity.

Whatever method you employ for the recording of claim statements, whether recorded by us or yourselves, once securely transmitted to us, by establishing a retention and purging program with us, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that your valuable work product is stored and protected for however long you choose.

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