Recorded Claims Statements​

At the heart of every insurance claim investigation is the recorded statement. A recorded claim statement is a question and answer session where the insurer interviews the claimant and others about the facts and circumstances of a claim. Usually conducted over the telephone, information is gathered enabling the insurer to determine what their claim exposure, if any, is.

Some key benefits of having a recorded claims statement program in your claims department are:

  • Having a claim statement recording (and if necessary a transcript) can mean the difference between winning and losing a subrogation case, because it collects firsthand information of the loss and shortens the time taken to research and plan for litigation.
  • The transcription of statements is a valuable fraud detection tool. If the claim ever proceeds to litigation, the transcripts become evidence.
  • The benefits of outsourcing a recorded claims statement program saves claims handlers and adjusters valuable time and energy, allowing them to focus on their core responsibilities.
  • Transcription of statements allows newly assigned adjusters to get up to speed on a claim quickly.

Typing every word (verbatim transcription) requires special skills and talent. Consider the fact that every recorded claim statement is unique, each presenting a different set of challenges, from foreign accents, regional accents, street slang, crosstalk, rambling, whispering and disjointed speaking, to multiple participants and telephone line noise, just to name a few.

Having a transcription provider with the experience and ability necessary to tackle these issues is the difference maker in you realizing all the benefits of having a claims’ transcription program of your own.

Our transcriptionists are experienced in this demanding world of “typing every word.” We have logged many years of service, have heard just about everything there is to hear, and continue to sharpen our skills with continuing education, especially around the evolving world of technology vocabulary and the increased ethnicity of our country.

Made in America

Cathy Wexler, Austin, TX

Fern Jenkins, St. Louis, Mo.

Arlene Hagen, San Jose, CA

Our staff of transcriptionists is based entirely in the United States. They undergo a multistep hiring process that includes testing of English language skills and verbatim transcription proficiency.  We undertake background checks, conduct in-depth interviews and require signed confidentiality agreements. These dedicated transcription professionals constitute the backbone of our company. 

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